A Beginners Guide to Online Student Admission Management

Feb 6, 20238min read

Every year thousands of students from every corner of the country stand in queues for their dream schools. It’s the season of admissions and the schools have to work overtime for the thousands of requests, queries, and applications. These complexities lead to an extreme burden on the staff. It also decreases the productivity of the administrative staff and makes it overwhelming for them to attend to all the queries, verify documents, stamp applications, etc. Online Student Admission Management solves all the complexities faced by staff and provides them assistance, it also brings everything to their fingertips. 

Online Student Admission Management is a system that assists educational institutions to conduct online student admissions and enrollment procedures. It collects online applications and payments, verifies the uploaded documents, shortlisted the candidates, allots the batches to selected students, etc. It also helps the staff in solving the queries of students by providing online assistance on the system. Online Student Admission Management provides a hassle-free experience to all the applicants as well as for the staff. It develops the manual admission process by digitizing it and eliminating the huge burden of work. The automated process of admission statistics which shows the status of the applications and bulk mail of confirmation of admission to selected candidates reduces the staff’s workload.

How does the Online Admission System work?

The process of Online Admission eliminates a lot of extra work and makes it brief and trouble-free. The online application is a hassle-free five-step process for the school administration.

1. Inviting Applications-   

The online application process begins by inviting applications by announcing through emails and messages to registered IDs and mobile numbers and social media. The schools can open the registration form. The students can fill in their information, upload documents, and pay the registration fees from the same admission form link.

2. Release the Eligibility Criteria- 

The schools can prepare a provision of the eligibility criteria for all the interested students. The eligibility criteria involve marks, entrance exam cut-off, caste quota, PwD quota, gender quota, etc. The candidates can go through the provision and can apply if they are eligible. 

3. Verification of Documents and Payment- 

The students have to upload the photograph, signature, ID Proof, and Mark sheet in the registration process. The schools have to verify the uploaded documents to resume the admission process. As the documents get verified, the candidates can now pay the registration fees and can download the receipt.

4. Merit List- 

The system shortlists the students who are most suitable according to the eligibility criteria. It further prepares a report for the administration. The school checks the list of students and sends out the confirmation mail to selected students and also the system changes the application status on the portal to accepted, rejected, etc.

5. Closure of the Admission Process-

As they receive an ample amount of registrations and batches are full, they close the registration link. The selected students are asked to be present for the physical verification on a specific date.

The online admission process is short and simplified. The distant students don’t have to travel back and forth without any results. The staff doesn’t have to work overtime going through each and every application, as the system sorts out the most eligible candidates for them.

Features of Online Student Admission Management

Online Student Admission Management has plenty of features to cater the needs of schools. The schools can choose from 60+ modules and customize the system according to their needs. The features of the Online Admission Management System are:-

1. Quick Responses to Queries- 

One of the best features of the Admission Management System is its quick response to queries. All the queries related to tech support, customization, admission management, etc are instantly solved by the customer support system. They also assist in solving the queries of candidates at the time of a large number of applicants. They also assist in setting up the school on the app.

2. Customization- 

The customization feature simplifies the whole Online Student Admission process. Most admission management provides more than 60+ modules to choose from. The apps can be customized according to the school’s needs. The admission e-forms can be customized as per the requirements of the school. The admission management also helps in configuring the eligibility criteria to shortlist the students.

3. Insightful Reports- 

The Online Student Admission Management System has enough features to help schools. The schools receive a huge number of applications and it’s difficult to go through each application. The system prepares reports of eligible shortlisted students. It also shows the report of the total no. of applications, selected students, shortlisted students, rejected students, etc. It gives an insight report of the stats of applicants.

4. Mass Application- 

Schools are hoarded with mass applications at the time of admission season. With more than 1000+ applications, the site accepts e-forms, uploaded documents, and payments and also solves queries in parallel. All of these are accepted on a single link and further redirected to the payment options.

5. Payment Security- 

The Online Admission Management System provides a secure payment method. It gives them options to choose payment methods such as UPI, debit card, credit card, etc. The admission management system ensures the security of payment information and bank details.

These are a few features out of tons of modules. The features of the Online Admission Management System are also customizable. The schools are given an option of constructing the fragments of features and making them according to their own needs.

Benefits of using an Online Student Admission Management System

Student admission management system

So, the features itself is explanatory of why to use Online Student Admission Management System, but the question still arises how is the Online Admission Process beneficial for schools?

The Online Admission Management system goes beyond boundaries and connects the schools with suitable candidates overseas. The reason every school should have Online Admission Management System are as follows:-

1. Reduce Workload- 

It reduces a lot of workload on the shoulders of the school’s administration. The staff doesn’t have to sit for hours collecting the applications physically and shortlisting them. The system collects shortlists and prepares a report for the same.

2. Cost-efficient-

The Online Admission process requires less paperwork and printing. This helps in cost-cutting and also saves plenty of time. As the physical work decreases, they also require less manpower which also saves money here as they don’t have to pay extra salary.

3. Accurate- 

The calculations and reports provided by the system are accurate and reliable. The systems provide error-free work and security to confidential files from unnecessary virus attacks.

4. Less Requirement of Manpower- 

As the work is decreased, the requirement for manpower decreases too. The manpower required for printing, collecting applications, counting fees, and verifying documents can be merged into one man after the Online Admission Process. As the system does all the work, it shows admission stats with the total amount of fee collection, total applications received, applications selected, etc, and also prepares reports for the same.

5. Automated

The whole online admission process is automated and advanced. As the schools customize it according to their needs, the system shortlists and prepares automated reports. All the features and modules are automated and the solution to each problem lies within the system. The automated system eliminates the chances of errors.


The Online Admission Management System puts an end to manual registration and saves hours of overwork. The whole concept of digitizing the admission process makes it easier as people don’t have to invest their time and money without any conclusion. It makes it easier for staff to work from anywhere and also assists them throughout the online admission process. Have you considered switching to the Online Admission Process?

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