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Is the School Management System really beneficial?

School Management System is a digital platform that allows seamless management of day-to-day administrative, admission and academic activities of the school.

Managing and running a school requires constant influx and outflux of a lot of information due to incoming new admissions along with the students passing out every year.

Not only this, but the school also has to deal with a lot of other data that includes admission enquiry management, managing data of applicants, student data management, academics and fee management, etc.

And thus managing bulk data becomes extremely tedious and time-consuming for the teachers and the staff. And with so much manual work involved, one cannot ignore the element of human error.

Thus, today it is essential for modern educational institutions to reconsider their traditional working techniques and rather look for more intelligent solutions.

Shifting to a smart school management system can significantly simplify the school administrative work thereby reducing the workload of the staff.

Thus, as pen and paper are becoming obsolete due to the changing demands of the modern school setup, the need for school management software is more than ever.

So, let us get a detailed understanding of the features that schools should look for in a school management system and the benefits that schools can derive from it.

Features of a smart School Management Software

A good school management software not only offers administrative and academic support to the educational institutes but also makes them easily discoverable to the parents. It enables the schools to draw the attention of prospective students, nurture them and foster fruitful relationships resulting in conversion.

Some really good software provides various good features to the schools that are discussed below -

1. Lead acquisition

Getting an enquiry for admission and converting that enquiry into admission is a very essential process for any school. Identifying the prospective students through various marketing sources and getting more information about them makes the conversion easier.

Every school would want to capitalise on every inquiry that comes to school through any source. This is where the school management system comes into the picture. It allows the school to get all the relevant lead information which not only includes their contact details but also their likes and preferences.

Moreover, in today’s technology-driven world, there are endless ways of getting a lead. However, maintaining data of these leads manually is almost impractical. In contrast, lead capture automation allows capturing of leads from various sources and centralising this information for further use.

And, as this takes place at the point of origin itself, any kind of lead leakage is ruled out. Additionally, the school can determine the sources that are actually delivering leads. Thus, the ones that are not producing expected results can be taken care of.

2. Lead Tracking

So, once the lead is identified, the school management system tracks its activities to assist the school in understanding where the prospective student is in his admission journey.

The time spent by the lead on various pages of the school website, blogs, emails, etc, helps the school in understanding what exactly is the student looking for and whether he is interested.

And based on this, the prospective students are then approached with customised communication and follow-ups which is essential for influencing their decision early on.

It is extremely necessary for schools to identify and approach the students interested in admissions before they look for other options. And this also saves the time spent on pursuing non-interested students.

This also enables the school to make the most of every inquiry that it gets from prospective students. And all this is done in real-time. The communication can be automated and sent to relevant leads as soon as their information is captured.

Moreover, based on whether the prospective student is receptive or not, a follow-up strategy can also be planned.

3. Lead nurturing

Lead management involves centralising the information of the leads acquired through various sources. This information is further used for nurturing the leads by giving them a personalised experience.

In the absence of a good school management software solution, tracking the activities and the requirements of the leads is extremely difficult. And in such a situation, it is difficult to nurture them resulting in a bad experience and ultimately the school loses out on a potential convert.

4. Advanced insights and analytics

To make the most of your marketing efforts, it is necessary to have advanced insights and analytics of the same. It allows the school to identify the trends, patterns and possible outcomes.

This information is extremely critical for modern schools as it assists them in decision-making and revisiting their marketing strategies.

5. In-app communications and notifications

A good school management software understands the importance of engaging with prospective students by communicating with them through in-app messaging and communications.

It allows the school to answer their queries in real-time, share announcements and support them with all the useful information in a way that drives action from their end. The school can also notify the parents of prospective students once it is open for admission thereby assisting them to fill the application forms before the deadline.

6. StoryBoard

Every school has its own story, values, vision and mission statements. And students would definitely want to know more about a particular school before enrolling themselves.

And a good school management system is well aware of this need where the school would want to showcase its achievements, activities and things that set them apart from other institutes.

Thus, with the help of advanced analytics, the school can know about the interests and likes of their potential students. And accordingly, they can weave a story that connects the school brand with the prospective students.

7. Referral management

In this highly competitive world, schools can now make the most of their existing happy students and parents. With referral management, schools can reach prospective students with the help of their existing student base.

And as parents mostly rely on word-of-the-mouth when it comes to searching for a school, this can turn out to be a very effective marketing strategy for the schools. With school management software, schools can incentivize the parents for their efforts.

Benefits of School Management System

1. Builds the school reputation

Digitalization of the school tasks and processes allows the school to work efficiently and smartly. It allows better collaboration between the school, teachers, parents and students. Parents feel more involved in their children’s education journey.

This leads to a reduced communication gap and a healthier relationship between all the parties involved. And as the learning experience is enhanced, it, in turn, builds the school’s reputation among the parent community.

2. Lead insights

The school management software automates the entire enquiry to the admission cycle. This includes the acquisition of leads by making the school easily discoverable to parents. The software also assists in handling admission enquiries along with capturing the lead insights.

This allows the school to identify the potential leads and their requirements. Based on this information, schools can target this group of people rather than spending time on cold leads.

It also provides the school with valuable insights regarding the marketing initiatives that are necessary for the admission team to make result-oriented decisions.

This significantly increases the efficiency of the school by reducing the time, efforts and resources spent otherwise in the absence of good school management software.

3. Seamless management

A school ERP software allows seamless integration of all the school operations. Thus, when all the operations of the school are unified and controlled centrally, it enables the school to work as a single unit.

This increases the overall efficiency of the school and its various departments. It also allows easy access to the required school information from anywhere at any time.

4. Cost reduction

Digitisation and automation of the school operations not only help the school go paperless but also reduce the time and efforts involved in storing, record-keeping and filing.

It also means fewer errors and more efficiency in the school functioning. Moreover, as the data can be easily accessed at any time, the time involved in making decisions also goes down significantly.

5. Improved communication

Many times, it is observed that in the initial stage of admission, parents or the applicants tend to lose interest in the institution due to a lack of proper communication. This leads to them turning to other institutions.

Instead with a good school management system in place, the parents can raise their queries to the school through in-app communication features. This allows the school to address the issues that a parent might have.

And still, if the issue remains unresolved, parents can book appointments with the school representatives.

Some very good school management software like Buzzapp provides such a feature where parents can book appointments with school representatives and get answers to all of their queries. This significantly reduces the communication gap between the school and the parents.


Schools are already dealing with a big responsibility to create globally responsible citizens. In such a scenario, a school management system can help them concentrate on their core responsibility by assisting in the management of administrative tasks involved.

If you want to know more about Buzzapp, you can try it out with our free plan which is easily upgradeable. Or else, you can continue with the free plan for as long as you wish.

FAQs - School Management System

a. What is school management software?

A school management system is a set of tools that minimises the efforts and the time involved by various stakeholders by automating time-consuming administrative tasks.

The various stakeholders involved here include the school management, teachers, school staff, parents, and students.

b. How does school management software help the school in increasing enrollments?

A good school management system allows lead management through which the schools can acquire and analyse the lead information. And based on this information, the schools can engage with the prospects through various channels.

Through advanced analytics and insights of the leads, the school can offer a personalised experience based on the demographics. This is essential to avoid losing out on a potential conversion.

c. What features should a school management system provide?

A good school management system should enable -

1. Lead capture and tracking

2. Automated collection of data

3. Management of database

4. Efficient lead management

5. Detailed analysis and reports

6. Marketing mobile app for admissions

8. In-app communications

9. StoryBoard, etc.

d. Why do schools need a good School Management System?

In this era of digitization, schools cannot operate in isolation without embracing digital tools. Moreover, schools are responsible to prepare the students to deal with the uncertainties of the future.

With this responsibility, the schools and the teachers must opt for school management software that can simplify the tasks and improve their teaching efficiency.

e. Which is the best school management software?

Every school is different and so are its requirements. Therefore, before making any decision, the school should first go through all the features provided by particular software.

Generally, a good school management system can scale itself up and down as per the requirements of the school irrespective of its size and shape. But for this, the school must do the background homework before making the decision.

Many schools prefer Buzzapp when it comes to school management systems because of the various functionalities that it provides. It is not only easy and simple to use but secure and flexible as well. Moreover, it is easily upgradeable to meet the requirements of any school.

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