How does Online School Admission system enhance the growth of your School?

Feb 6, 20238min read

Every year schools face a huge number of registrations and applications for admission. The whole process of admission is lengthy and tiresome for staff. The hours of work invested in the process from collecting the admission forms to shortlisting students. The manual process requires manpower, money, and time.

The Online School Admission System eases the whole process for the schools. The Online Admission System eliminates the time-consuming process of attending to queries, giving out forms, organizing them, etc.

 The Online Admission System automates the admission process and saves time by making this lengthy method short and simple. It organizes everything to make it easy for staff. The websites and apps have everything for the admission process i.e. applying, asking queries, uploading documents, etc. 

The Online Admission system reduces the workload of the schools by providing them a helping hand in the process of sorting out the applications and helping them solve queries.

 But, how does the Online School Admission system work? How will it benefit you? Get FREE Demo

There’s a step-by-step process of admission for candidates. Let’s look into the process of Online Admission.

 Process of Online Admission (For Candidates)

1. Registration

The initial step is applying for admission through the tab “Apply Now”. The candidates can go through the provision of eligibility criteria provided by the schools and the selection procedure as you click on that button. 

You can register yourself through email and phone numbers. Further, they can go to the next step.

2. Personal Details

At this step, the candidates have to fill in their details in the e-form. Personal details such as Name, Parent’s name, Parent’s Occupation, Address, Bank details, etc.

3. Uploading Documents 

Further, in the next tab, candidates according to the school requirement have to upload scanned documents such as photos, signatures, mark sheets of the last grade, address proof, Aadhar card, etc. Then, the documents are submitted through the website.

4. Payment

After filling out the e- form and uploading documents, the candidates will be given choices choose payment options credit card, debit card, UPI, Cash, etc, and they can pay for the admission form fees.

5. Confirmation

After the payment, the system sends mail and message to candidates for confirmation. All the information on selection or rejection will be shown on the online portal along with the confirmation form. 

 You can see how the Online School Admission system makes it easy for schools to manage work as well as it makes it easy for candidates to apply. This digital process is step-by-step, and it saves a lot of time for schools. 

The Online Admission System has a lot of benefits; it helps with the pre-admission process i.e. finding the right school, connecting the school with the parent, and the post-admission process which is, the complete payment of admission fees.

Benefits of Online Admission System

Benefits of online management system

1. Time-Efficient

The Online Admission System is one of the most time-efficient processes for schools. It saves hours from getting wasted. The physical admission process is extremely hectic, with sitting at a desk for the whole day and solving queries without any assistance. It is a long process and takes hours. 

The Admission System prepares reports automatically and shortlists the candidates for the merit list. This makes everything easy for the school, from selecting the students to releasing the merit list. This system helps with it.

2. Paperless Work

The Online admission system is also environment friendly. There is very little paperwork used in admission; everything is done with the apps or websites. This also helps in reducing climate change and global warming. The use of too many papers harms the environment; the online admission system cuts the use of paper by switching to E- forms.

3. No Time Limit or Geographical boundaries

The physical process of admission is very lengthy. The school's staff have to sit at the desk for the whole day attending to all kinds of queries, distributing forms, and finding errors in the forms. Sometimes they work overtime during the admission season. 

 The Online admission system has no time or geographical boundaries. The portal is open 24*7 and can be connected from anywhere around the world. School administration doesn't have to work extra hours for extra work. They can go through the admission stats from anywhere.

4. High Productivity

The Online Admission System banishes the part of overworking for unnecessary tasks. The system sorts out the candidates based on eligibility criteria and shortlists the best-matched candidates. 

As it decreases the workload, staff can focus on important tasks such as selecting students and preparing merit lists and even on other daily tasks of schools.

5. Lesser Workload 

The Online Admission System assists at the time of a rush of queries, the Online admission system also helps schools find a student who matches their eligibility criteria. This reduces the number of purposeless applications and makes it easier for staff to select the right candidate. 

 But, what are the features of the Online Admission System that has so many benefits to provide? 

The Online Admission System has a lot of features that help the school even after the admission process. The post-admission process includes updates of information, online assistance to parents, fees reminder, etc. It changes the manual way of school work and reduces the workload for schools.

Features of the Online Admission System

Features of the Online Admission System

Check out the custom features of the online school admission system.

1. Confidentiality

The top feature of the Online Admission System is that it maintains the security of the personal information on the site. This information is only accessible to the schools. This provides a sense of security to schools as confidential information such as finance, fee management, etc, are only accessible to schools.

2. Assistance and Support

The Online Admission System assists the staff in case of a workload. The apps and site also assist them in case of technical issues. The assistance and support also provide a User-Friendly experience to the school administration. 

3. Bulk messages

This feature is also one of the major post-admission features. It sends bulk messages about any event, meeting, or result to the registered number in the record. 

4. 24*7 Availability

The portal is open 24*7. The teachers can also connect with parents on the same portal anytime. Customer support for tech issues facing by staff is also available 24*7.

The next time you think about why this technology is important for schools, you know the answer. This technology simplifies the process for teachers as the portal shows the progress of students to the parents directly. The Online Admission system has pre and post-admission benefits; it has a lot of features to help schools.

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