Advantages and Disadvantages of Student Management System

Sep17,20228min read

How quickly you can access the past records of your students will depend on whether you have an automated process in place. In the absence of automation, you will definitely need significant time before you grab hold of the records.

The Advantages of the Student Management System are not limited to this but go much beyond. A student management system is also commonly known as a student information system that assists schools in managing, tracking, and maintaining student information efficiently with the school management system.

By centralizing the student's data, schools can easily access any information at any time with ease. It assists in various aspects of student management which include fee collection, admission management, attendance management, performance reporting, timetable management, library management, etc. It also helps in tracking student information that includes their age, grades, health information, behavior data, etc.

However, like every other system, along with advantages, there are also certain disadvantages of student management system. Yes, you heard it right, disadvantages as well!

So, read along to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of a student management system.


Advantages of Student Management System

Advantages of Student Management System

There are many advantages of the student management System and some of them are mentioned below.

1. Improvement in the performance of the students

One of the Advantages of the Student Management System is that it assists the students to perform better and use their time effectively for studying. This is because they can easily track their individual performance and identify the gaps that need to be addressed.

No longer do they have to run around for their records. Instead, they can focus completely on their studies and work out strategies to reach their goals.

2. Reduces the efforts

With so many students and so many activities involved, keeping a track of student information is extremely difficult. One cannot deny the chances of errors when manual work is involved.

But, with a robust system in place, all the student-related data can be kept well organized. Accuracy is another crucial Advantage of Student Management System. It reduces the unnecessary efforts involved in going back and forth. Thus, the possibility of errors, time wastage, and lost records can be taken care of due to automation.

3. Increases the efficiency of the teachers

The student management system automates the student information and all the related administrative tasks which otherwise teachers have to work upon manually. It considerably reduces the efforts of the teachers and instead they can spend their valuable time tracking the overall performance of their students.

Another crucial Advantages of Student Management System is it offers the teachers with advanced technical tools to effortlessly monitor the student’s progress. This helps them understand where the student is lagging and needs extra support. Thus, accordingly, they can plan the future strategy to develop the students and guide them wherever needed.

4. Parent centric -

Parents play an important role in their child’s education and have every right to stay informed about their child’s progress in school. However, in the absence of student management software, the only way parents can know about the progress of their child is through parent-teacher meetings.

Thus, keeping a track of their kid’s activities and performance is increasingly difficult for them. Moreover, delay in passing any critical information can hamper the progress of the kids.

However, due to automation, parents are kept informed of all the important happenings in their kid’s life through mobile apps or SMS services.

This is one of the major Advantages of Student Management System as parents can get all the relevant details regarding their child’s class tests, assignments, behavior issues if any, etc. Thus, they can intervene in real-time as and when the need arises and work on the progress of their child alongside the teachers.

5. Improved communication -

When it comes to communication, the Advantages of Student Management System is not limited to enhanced collaboration between schools and parents. Instead, students can also benefit a lot from it.

Generally, a classroom is full of students in which some are good at asking questions and getting their queries resolved, while others are shy. Out of fear of judgment, the shy ones keep their questions to themselves.

This is where the discussion portal of the student management system comes into the picture where students can freely discuss their queries and concerns with the teachers.

So, now that we know the advantages, let us look at the disadvantages of student management system.

Disadvantages of Student Management System

There are only a few countable disadvantages of student management system. And, the downsides of the system are generally related to its features which can be summarised below -

1. User-Interface

Complex-user interface may lead to increased difficulty in acceptance of the student management software among the school staff. Being humans, it is natural that the school staff, parents and students may have difficulty using it initially till they get a hang of it.

However, this disadvantages of student management system can be taken care of if the school opts for a user-friendly student management system like Buzzapp.

An easy-to-use interface not only increases the acceptance level of the software but also saves time and money spent on training the stakeholders to use the system.

2. Absence of good internet facility

Good internet connectivity is another major issue that needs to be addressed. It is not actually a disadvantages of student management system but instead is necessary for its optimal functioning.

3. User requirements

Whether the software will satisfy your expectations will depend on how useful it is in reducing the efforts of the teachers, parents, students, etc. And after implementation, if it fails to meet the requirements, then it would result in wastage of money, time, and effort.

In such a case, it is best to opt for solutions that come with a free plan and can be upgraded whenever you want. This offers you a possibility to try and test whether it is beneficial for your school and its stakeholders.


The time has come now that schools must look for solutions to automate their day-to-day tasks and reorganize their management systems to match technological developments. With the above-mentioned advantages and disadvantages of student management system, it is clear that if you choose the right software keeping in mind the requirements of your school, then you only stand to benefit from it.

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