Simplify Your School Admissions Process with a Lead Management System

Feb 22, 20238min read

India has the finest schools in every corner of the nation. The schools that truly believe in shaping children for their future and supporting them. The admission lead management system connects the right school with suitable candidates. The lead management system provides a marketing platform for schools, where the schools can highlight their features and connect with parents. Everything

Admission Lead Management Systems are software that provides a platform for schools and parents to connect. It manages all the leads and tracks them to acquire, which helps in the growth of the school. It also follows the lead to know their status and preferences, which helps schools to understand if they’re worth the investment of time.

So many questions arise in my mind about lead management software after reading about it. How is it beneficial? What are its features? What is some good admission lead management systems?

Here we are to answer all of them one by one.

Benefits of Admission Lead Management System

Best School Management System

  • Cost Efficient- 

The Admission Lead Management System eliminates the paperwork and manpower requirements. The lead insights are managed on the software without any extra effort and manpower. The software also helps in marketing the school.

  • Approaching the right leads- 

As the software shows the insights of the lead’s involvement, it also filters out the uninterested or inactive leads. The schools are connected with the candidates who are looking for similar features.

  • Marketing Strategies- 

The Admission Lead Management system also provides support and marketing advice on how to capture leads. The system assists in the conversation with leads. It captures the data out of the analytics and prepares reports for the strategies and lead acquisition.

  • Reasonable Price

The lead management software offers a lot of features at a very reasonable price. Some of the systems also offer a free demo. Buzzapp offers a free gold version of its service and its platinum version at reasonable price.

  • Proper Communication- 

The system offers a platform for communication with potential leads and also offers support during tech issues. The software provides a platform for proper communication to acquire leads, solve issues, discuss the admission process, etc.

  • Time Efficient- 

The admission lead management systems save a lot of time. The extra work of schools is reduced by the system. The system has the lead insights, does the marketing campaigns, and prepares reports for the same.

  • Cover all the Leads- 

The admission lead management system keeps track of all the leads and categorizes them in one place. It covers all the leads and follows all of them up. It makes sure no potential leads are left behind and keeps an eye on all of them.

Key Element of Admission Lead Management Systems

  • Lead Tracking- 

The Admission Lead Management System provides a lead analysis board where it shows the status of the lead. It tracks the lead with similar interests. The system sends the preferences of students to the schools so that the schools can track the leads and connect.

  • Lead Nurturing- 

The admission lead management system passes on the lead’s individual information about their preferences to schools. The leads are usually specific about their choices and to nurture them you have to be aware of their personal information. This helps schools to understand the needs of their leads. It helps them provide an individualized experience to each lead and capture them.

  • Story Board- 

Story Board is a feature provided by the lead management systems which allows schools to publish about the real-life experiences of schools. The schools have a lot of achievements, stories, values, etc, to tell.  This feature provides them with a board to publish their side of the story and provide a real experience to leads. Buzzapp is one of the known software which provides this feature for schools to share their own story.

  • In-built Communications- 

The software has an in-built communication center for schools to go after their potential leads. It provides a safe and secure place to discuss their interest. It also decreases the risks of fraud as the site creates a safe space and blocks malicious and virus contents.

  • Analyzing and Sorting- 

The lead management systems analyze and sort out the leads. It groups the most potential leads for the schools to keep following them up for their status. It eliminates unnecessary follow-ups on uninterested leads. It also sorts it down to active leads.

  • Campaigns- 

The lead management software does marketing and branding campaigns for the schools. They make sure of physical and web presence of the school is visible and known to parents. They also run ad campaigns based on the region’s interest.

  • Report Compilation

The admission lead management software prepares automated reports of insights and analysis. The reports are based on the lead’s response and interest. The reports also show the lead’s conversion into students.


BuzzApp has the best features to offer to schools at a reasonable price. It offers its FREE gold version with many features

The lead management system is one of the most important factors in the school admission process. It conveys the features of schools to the candidates to attract them. It also changes the traditional marketing process and goes for effective online marketing. It saves time for schools as it provides them web presence. But, with all of the features and benefits, how will you choose the best lead management software?

Buzzapp provides a free version of the management software. It helps you understand the software. The free version is unlimited to days as the demo version. It is available for as long as schools need. Buzzapp also provides its platinum version at a reasonable price. Get Free Demo


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