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Buzzapp is the first and only Marketing Application for educational institutes that is backed by science and powered by Machine Learning that helps schools generate leads, manage admissions, and design effective incentive management.

Buzzapp helps educational institutes engage their parents and leverage the power of word of mouth to generate leads and maximize admissions while providing them with a platform to manage their school effectively.

Through the Buzzapp Admission App, parents discover schools in their city, book appointments, submit admission forms, and take admissions. Schools that are on the Buzzapp Admission App can get people interested in their schools by posting stories about them, and they can also get people to sign up for their schools by giving them good referral bonuses and even giving them cash back if they sign up for their schools right away.

Through the Buzzapp Management App, educational institutes are equipped with a powerful web and mobile interface for lead acquisition, admission management, school administration, and academic management.

Buzzapp also provides schools with a fully integrated up-skilling solution for school teachers with a host of international certifications and diploma programmes that can be pursued by teachers completely online with full e-tutoring support. This allows schools to stay compliant with one of the tenets of the NEP 2020 guidelines, which places a lot of focus on continued professional development of teachers.

Buzzapp also provides a fully integrated British EYFS curriculum for the early years that allows schools to effortlessly introduce a NEP 2020 guided curriculum in their kindergarten section. With a parent app, a teacher’s app, and a school management app, this is a techno-educational solution for schools looking to keep their kindergarten buzzing through the implementation of a robust early years curriculum driven effectively through technology. And it’s all seamlessly interwoven into the Buzzapp platform solution for schools.

Buzzapp is conceptualized and developed by Beanstalkedu, a pioneering edu-tech organization in the space of early childhood education, Buzzapp is an enterprise business solution for every school that is looking to capitalize on parental engagement and positive word of mouth to drive admissions while automating the most important aspects of school management to improve operational efficiencies.

Buzzapp is a platform

An enterprise SAAS solution for educational institutes

Managing leads to the admission cycle

Web and Mobile app for school management

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